Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the FAQ’s below to find answers to some of the most frequently questions asked about the free academy series, my services, and myself. Can’t see what you’re looking for? Head over to the Contact page and drop me a message via the form provided, or use the chatbox below. 

General Questions

What are your certifications for?

Is Simply Small Business an LGBTQ+ owned business?

Do you specialise in any particular industry?

Where can I leave you a review?

Where can I leave you a review?

Will You Be Offering Any Other Types Of Courses In The Future?

I Want To Book A Call With You But I’m Not Sure If It’s Right For Me.

Have you ever asked businesses that you use yourself if you can help them?

What do you do with my data?

Do you do webinars/lives?

Do you offer speaking services?

Can I write an article for your blog?

Do I Need A Degree To Run My Own Business?

Do you use affiliate links?

Do you like visiting businesses in person that you’ve helped?

Favourite thing about what you do?

Free academy series questions

Free Academy Series Questions

What is the free academy series?

Is Your Free Academy Series Suitable For Students?

Can I suggest a course topic for the free academy series?

What Happens If I Fall Behind During The Free Academy Series?

Is the academy series really free?

Can I create a course for your free academy series?

Is The Free Academy Series Suitable for my industry, business size, or idea?

1-to-1 programme questions

1-to-1 Programme Questions

Do You Offer Any Other Services apart from the free academy series?

Do you offer individual services like one-off content writing, business plan reviews, website audits etc?

If I opt for the rolling monthly 1-to-1 programme how do I renew each month?

Do I have to make a purchase after a call with you?

Can we add additional calls and services to your 1-to-1 services? 

Anything Else?