Free Academy Series

Perfect for learning the fundamentals of small business marketing at your own pace.
  • Access to the free academy series
  • Access to the community facebook group
  • Monthly live Q&As
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£495 / month

Rolling Monthly Programme

A month by month -to- programme designed for those who would like support
  • A 2-hour kick-off call
  • A 1-hour call each week
  • Your own dedicated project management workspace for your business strategy planning
  • Weekly project notes and progress write-ups
  • Full website audit
  • Full social media audit
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£2100 / month

3-Month Sprint Programme

All Rolling Monthly features +
  • Two 1 hour weekly calls
  • Content writing time

    (i) this can be for websites, ads, social media, tone of voice guidelines, blogs, etc.

  • Detailed 3-month strategy to follow
  • Email and SMS marketing setup and training
  • 6-month plan for after the sprint is over
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That goal is within your reach. This is how...

The sprint program is a 3-month offering solely focused on one goal. Unlike the rolling monthly one-to-one package, the Sprint has a definitive start and end date with a specific objective in mind. This could be:

  • Launching a new product
  • Opening a shop, café, dark kitchen, or other type of physical location
  • Starting a membership or subscription offer
  • Setting out growth and improvement goals for your business
  • Creating a marketing strategy for a specific product or new service 
  • Reaching targets and KPIs set for the business 
  • Social media, online, and community growth
  • And many other types of projects and focuses 

Working together for success only takes 4 simple steps...

With this programme, we make everything measurable. We start on with our two-hour kick-off call where we discuss your business and what goal you want to achieve. From there, I will map out a 3-month strategy to help get you from A to B. Once this is agreed on by everyone, we will set out some targets to achieve within this timeframe. This could be things such as launching a new website, generating X amount of new people on your email list, growing your social media following, or even selling XX amount of products. 

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Course Content

As part of the 3 Month Sprint programme, you will receive:

  • Two 1 hour calls each week to check in, set goals and actions, and look at progress (this can be one-to-one or with partners, teammates, or small groups etc.
  • A 2-hour kick-off call to help me really get to grips with your business and its needs
  • Unlimited email support directly to me
  • Your own dedicated project management workspace for your business strategy planning
  • Free resources and templates to help you grow your business
  • Weekly project notes with actions so you can always read back on the things we cover, say, and work towards for future reference  
  • Staff training and development if needed
  • Content writing for your launch, campaign, ads, etc to help you keep and grow your businesses tone of voice
  • Business model and brand review and write up
  • 6-month growth strategy plan hand over 

What people say about Michael

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Mickey's insights and support are priceless

Mickey is incredibly knowledgeable and gifted. He
was able to completely identify my business goals
and provide actionable steps for me to take. I'm so
thrilled that I found him.

Lauren Conklin

Generous, expert marketing help

Michael reached out to me when I was struggling
with driving my membership up. He gave me some
great tips and was hugely helpful in igniting our
enthusiasm. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Nora Lenz

Great guy, great service 👍🏼

Michael is a great guy, really goes the extra mile for
you and your business. If you like having an extra
pair of eyes to help out with the marketing side of
business, I’d highly recommend his services...

Jack Barrie

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